CEO Message

ceo picture Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco) is a quasi-governmental
organization under the Ministry of Environment and it is aimed
at becoming a global, total environment services provider.

Based on its mission to contribute to the eco-friendly national
development through the improvement of the environment
and promotion of resource recycling, K-eco carries
out nationwide works related to climate, air, water,
soil, waste treatment, resource circulation, environmental health and
environmental facilities.

Due to rapid industrialization, the entire world including Korea, today suffers from climate changes, water shortage and resource depletion and, our future generations are at greater risk for various environmental issues. K-eco will continue to improve the public environmental services it is currently carrying out, preserve out environment by continuously developing new environmental services and focus on realizing environmental welfare for the people.

This website holds various information and data related to our environment. You can also look up environmental projects K-eco has carried out and is involved in. The page for each project also provides all the latest information, legal documents and infographics related to the projects.

This website is yours.
We are always open to your valuable ideas, suggestions and criticism towards environmental policies. Also, the website provides information about K-eco's hiring process, bidding, 'Shared Growth Initiative' and information disclosure system.

The website will be the source of all the latest news of Korea Environment Corporation and be the portal of K-eco for all your valuable opinions and criticism that will help us improve the environmental welfare of our society.

Thank you for your continued support.

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