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  • CleanSYS, Stack Tele-Monitoring System

Air quality and environment Management

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  • Introduction of real time air pollution monitoring system, CleanSYS
    CleanSYS is a monitoring system that measures and manages the air pollutants emitted from stack in real time using automatic stack measuring device that connect to k-eco contronl centers by online.
Purpose of CleanSYS
  • Promotion of sience-based environmental administration by being utilized as basic data of air environment policy making
  • Improvement of the local air environment through the prevention of air pollutant emissions
Target Facilities
  • Power plant, Boiler, Incinerator and 1st ~ 3rd class large-scale air pollutant emission facilities.
Monitoring Items
  • Pollutant items (7 targets)
    • Dust, Sulfur oxide (SOx), Nitrogen oxide (NOx), Hydrogen chloride (HCl), Hydrogen fluoride (HF), Ammonia (NH₃), Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Non-pollutant items (3 targets)
    • Flow, Temperature, Oxygen(O₂)
CleanSYS Operating System
  • Sorce Operator
    • Installation and operation of measuring devices
    • Transmission of measurement data
    • Compliance with the Emission Limit Value(ELV)
  • K-eco Contronl Center
    • Checking the appropriateness of measuring devices
    • Collection
  • Administrative Institutes(Ministry of Environment / Local government)
CleanSYS system chart
  • 1. Korea Enviroment Corporation,Monitoring center for the Metropolitan area(Inchon),Monitoring center for the Honam area(Suncheon), Monitoring center for the Yeongnam area(Ulsan),Monitoring center for the Jungbu area(Daejeon) → Data teansmission equipment
  • 2. Project site measuring equipment → Data collection equipment, Local management system
  • 3. Send Local government
  • 4. Integrated monitoring center
  • 5. Ministry of Environment
Alerting and Warning system
  • If the emission is near to the Emission Limit Value or over it, source operator and local government are informed immediately through SNS to take proper action
Remote check function
  • If CleanSYS control center orders remote check(online remote reliability check), sample test gas(zero/span) is infected into the measuring device automatically. It helps to check reliability of on-site measuring device remotely.