• Core Business
  • Climate and Air
  • Supporting GHG Reduction Policies
  • Implementation of Green house gas reduction project

Supporting GHG Reduction Policies

  • Developing and vitalizing CDM(Clean Development Mechanism) project
    Advanced countries which have ceilings for GHG emissions (emission caps), assist developing countries that do not have emission caps, to implement project activities to reduce GHG emissions (or removed by sinks), and credits will be issued based on emission reductions (or removed by sinks) achieved by project activities.
CDM project cycle
  • 01 Planning a CDM Project activity - Project Participants
  • 02 Making the project design document - Project Participants
  • 03 Getting approval from each party involved - DOE DNA
  • 04 Validation - DOE
  • 05 Registration - DOE CDM EB
  • 06 Monitoring a CDM project activity - Project Participants
  • 07 Verification and Certification - DOE
  • 08 Issuance of CERs - DOE CDM EB
  • 09 Distribution of CERs - Project Participants
Operation of Offset System
Definition of Offset System

The offset is a system to secure flexibility in achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets. The entities that has been assigned a mandatory greenhouse gas reduction amount can utilize offset credits which is certified by the government for achieving their reduction goal in Emission Trading Scheme(ETS). K-eco provides needed support to enable the offset system to be implemented properly.

User of Offset grape

Time reduction activity enforcement,Initiate GHG reduction business
Sale to country(company) with reduction target

Performing reduction activities in non-mandatory areas

Company [or a country] under obligation to reduce GHG emissions
Excessive emission