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  • Supporting GHG Reduction Policies
  • Establishment of Refrigerant Management and Processing Base for Refrigerant Equipments

Supporting GHG Reduction Policies

  • 냉매정보관리시스템
  • Refrigerants Information Management System of K-eco is Responsible for Life Cycle of Refrigerants
    Refrigerants are used for air conditioning and refrigeration. These materials contribute to climate and ecosystem changes. Refrigerant Management Regulations are established for preventing the uncontrolled discharge of refrigerants into the atmosphere and managing refrigerants from sale to disposal. (Refrigerants have 140 ~ 11,700 times higher global warming potential(GWP) than CO2(GWP=1)) This regulations systematically manage the production, usage, recovery, and disposal of refrigerants by imposing a duty on related businesses or enterprises to report the sales records(every half year), management records(annually), and recovery records(every half year). The data are reported to the online system named RIMS(Refrigerant Information Management System).
Management Targets and Regulations
  • Equipments that use refrigerants for the cooling and heating of buildings, for freezing and refrigeration of foods, and for other industries
  • Prohibition of unauthorized discharge of refrigerants into the atmosphere and periodic check of refrigerant leakage (Annually)
  • Maintenance of refrigerant equipments
  • Record keeping of refrigerant management
Types of Refrigerants
Types of Refrigerants list
  CFC 계열 HCFC 계열 HFC 계열 대체냉매
Types of Refrigerants



R-113 등



R-141b 등



R-410A 등

HFOs(R-1234yf 등)

CO2, NH3

R-600a 등

오존층 파괴 영향 높음 낮음 없음 없음
지구온난화 영향


3,800 ~14,000 배


90 ~1,800 배


140 ~ 11,700 배

국제협약 1세대 몬트리올의 정서 2세대 몬트리올의 정서 기후변화협약 3세대
Effect on F-gas(include Refrigerants)
Ozone Layer Destruction, Global Warming (Climate Change) → Skin Cancer, Temperature Rises, Drought, Flood
  • RIMS
  • management of refrigerant sales
  • Management of refrigerant recovery
  • Introduction of refrigerant management
  • Management of refrigerant records
  • Statistical information