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Wastes management

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  • Operation of Allbaro System
    Allbaro System is a comprehensive waste management system integrating the waste manifest system and other specialized waste treatment systems (depending on waste type and method), such as the RFID-based medical waste management system, the construction waste information management system, and the industrial waste reduction information system.
Operation of Allbaro System

The electronic transfer forms can be drawn up, wastes control register automatic management and wastes record reports can be drawn up and submitted, the license/approval application/modification on wastes, statistical data analysis on wastes can all be accessed via online.

Waste Transfer and Takeover Information Management

To manage the entire waste disposal process, from generation to transport to disposal, by registering waste handover information on the internet or through RFID-based technology. This system enables the prevention of illegal waste disposal, as the administrative organizations can verify the waste process informatiom submitted by generators, collectors and managers through Allbaro system in real time.

Waste Authorization & Licensing Process

When industrial waste is generated, or disposed, the process should be reported or approved, and verification statements should be issued by the administrative organizations. These waste-related authorization & licensing processes are computerized, which enhances the work efficiency of business users and administrative organizations.

Allbaro Geographical Information System(GIS)

Provides the information on the distribution of companies by regions, distance search, routes analysis for users by tapping into various search terms.

Import/Export Declaration System

Allows the companies liable for the import/export declaration to draw up and submit the Import/Export(Modification) Declaration Form on wastes via online so as to alleviate pressure on the companies to visit the Environment Agency of the drainage area in person.

Wastes Statistical Analysis System

The accumulated waste-related statistics information stored in the Allbaro System is used as a crucial basis for establishing waste related policy.