• Active healing and prevention of areas in Groundwater pollution
    K-eco install and operate Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network in korea for sustainable management of groundwater quality. The purpose of this project is to identify the causes of groundwater pollution by investigating the surrounding areas of the Groundwater Quality Monitoring well exceeding the legal water standard and to establish an effective groundwater management plan
Business content
  • groundwater quality monitoring
    • Reqular monitoring of water quality trends
  • contaminated groundwater investigation
    • Identifying the causes of pollution
  • Preparing follow-up plans
    • Present measues to reduce pollutants
  • Implementation of mitigation measures
    • Clean up polluted area etc
Investigation resultes
  • 오염현황 파악 이미지

    ※Create spatial contamination distribution map.

    Identify contamination status

  • 자연저감특성 평가 이미지

    ※Application of pollutant composition ratio ealuation method etc.

    Evaluation of natural reduction

  • 오염원인 규명 이미지

    ※Utilizing environmental investigation techniques such as stable isotope analysis

    Indentifying the causes of pollution

  • 지하수 확산범위 평가 이미지

    ※Predicting the extent of contamination spread using geochemical modeling

    Assessing the spread of pollution

Active action
  • 신규 지하수 개발 파악 이미지

    ※Install and supply new wells in uncontaminated neighborhoods

    New groundwater development

  • 투수성반응벽체법 이미지

    ※Install and supply new wells in uncontaminated neighborhoods

    Permeable reactive barriers : PRBs

  • 양수처리법 이미지

    ※After the contaminated groundwater is taken to the ground, it is treated

    Pump and Treat

  • 지중탈질처리법 이미지

    ※Reduced environmental conditions were established and denitrification treatment

    In Situ Redox Manipulation

Expected benefit
  • Establishment of ground-water pollution site lists nationwide through active exploration of polluted area
  • Reduction of groundwater pollution through application of proposed management measures
  • Establishment of foundation for activation of groundwater remadiation business
  • Ensure clean groundwater quality and stability of groundwater use