• Core Business
  • Water and Soil
  • Sewerage Policy Support
  • Technical Support for National Water Reuse

Sewerage Policy Support

  • We aim to enlarge water reuse, the best solution
    for overcoming severe drought.
    As drought is getting worse, reusing water becomes essential but option. The rain water and used water can be used agriculture, industrial and other water through water treated plant. We aim to enlarge water reuse through technical support.
Technical review for water reuse management plan of local-governments

Consistency, possibility, correspondence with national master plan

Technical review for project approval and public fund investment
  • Review on design quantity, water quality standard, reuse method, etc.
  • Review on fund use to prevent surplus expenditure and overlapping investment
Establishment support for sewage reuse facility

Basic plan, F/S, design and construction of sewage reuse facility

Policy development, education

Various activities for water reuse promotion