• Core Business
  • Water and Soil
  • Sewerage Policy Support
  • The Public Sewerage Information System

Sewerage Policy Support

  • The financial investment
    in sewerage sector is about 2 trillion won per year.
    Since the management system for the installation and operation of sewerage facilities is
    insufficient. It was difficult to identify the status of public sewerage operation and
    established national sewerage policy.
    For this reason, the sewerage information system was established.
    The system manages the sewerage statistics and proceeds with the national subsidy budget.
  • What is the Sewerage Information System?
  • The system has all the information of the national public sewage treatment facilities.
  • Water quality analysis data
  • Amount and cost of chemical purchase and use
  • Amount of sludge generation, disposal volume and disposal costs
  • Usage status of recycled water
  • Renewable energy production status
  • Manage the investigation of old sewer pipes
  • Local governments apply for state subsidies for sewerage sector.
  • The system manages the sewerage statistics
  • Provide administrative data to the Ministry of Environment.
  • Confidence in the public is rising through release of information