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  • Water and Soil
  • Soil and Groundwater Management
  • Soil Survey & Management
  • Soil Environment Assessment

Soil and Groundwater Management

Soil Survey & Management

  • “Make sure the soil is clean by the Soil Environment Assessment!”
    The Soil Environment Assessment is non-compulsory procedure to clarify responsibility and prevent conflict due to the property loss caused from soil contamination by confirming soil contamination status of the site between seller and buyer prior to real estate transaction.
Legal Basis
  • SECA Article 10-2 and Enforcement degree of the SECA Article 5-2(Soil Environment Assessment)
    ※ SECA(Soil Environment Conservation Act)
  • Preliminary Investigation : data research, field survey(visual inspection) on the subject site and Interview with the person related the subject site history.
  • Investigation of general condition and detailed Investigation : Soil & groundwater pollution survey and analyses of the results.
Soil Environment Assessment
  • Probability of contamination
    • stage1 : Preliminary Investigation
  • Confirmation of Contamination
    • stage2 : Investigation of general condition
  • Identification of contaminants, volume and extent
    • stage3 : Detailed investigation
Subject of the Assessment
  • Site where facilities subject to the control of soil contamination, factories site or military facilities were installed or used to be installed.
  • Areas where soil pollution is concerned such as waste landfill.