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  • Water and Soil
  • Soil and Groundwater Management
  • Soil Remediation Business
  • Soil Remediation Verification

Soil and Groundwater Management

Soil Remediation Business

  • K-eco assures the credibility of soil remediation through the
    verification of soil remediation and prevents improper soil remediation.
    Soil remediation verification is a system that verifies whether the contaminated soil has been appropriately remediated from the beginning to the completion After the contaminated soil is excavated, remediated, refilled, soil is collected, analyzed and managed by every process. K-eco conducts soil remediation verification to ensure the reliability and quality of soil remediation results and to achieve the purpose of cleaning soil environmental conservation
Procedure of Verification
  • 1 Application for verificationFacilitiy administration → K-eco
  • 2 Submission of verification planK-eco → Facilitiy administration
  • 3 Submission of remediation planFacilitiy administration → Local government
  • 4 Remediation / VerificationSoil remediation → K-eco
  • 5 Report of verification resultK-eco → Facilitiy administration, Local govement
Verification Method