• Core Business
  • Water and Soil
  • Support for Water Policies
  • Water Disribution System Rebuilding Project

Support for Water Policies

  • Decrepit facilities in water supply system is changed Smart facilities
    in water supply system.
    Water distribution system rebuilding project will improve the quality of our life and build virtuous cycle of water supplied by stable tap water. We will do our best by decrepit water pipe network adjustment , block system construction, maintenance management system construction, decrepit purification plant adjustment
Business project necessity
  • Rising cost of the improvements by Decrepit facilities in water
  • Safety threatening by cutting off the water and leaking water
  • Drought Measures is priority leakage quantity reduction
  • Safe water supply apprehension by drinking water quality standard excess
Business outline
Business outline list
categories business scale categories supporting range
Decrepit water pipe network Adjustment Area 103 local governments (3,332km) Decrepit water pipe network Adjustment Water pipe network construction (in local government service area under flow rate 70%)
Budget 2,398 billion Leak Detection & Repair (in local government service area under flow rate 70%)
Block System Construction (in local government service area)
Decrepit purification plant Adjustment Area 24 local governments Decrepit purification plant Adjustment TM/TC System Construction (in local government service area)
Partial and overall Improvement purification plant
Budget 697 billion Reconstruction of purification plant
Integrated construction of purification plant
Management and Operation System construction
Business contents
Decrepit water pipe network adjustment
  • Temporal correspondence → Business promotion after master plan establishment
  • Small business of unit local government → Block unit by blanket application business
  • Pipe network system by structural problems → Rationally improvement
  • Improvement aged pipes → Improvement water leaking pipes and decrepit pipes
  • Elementary maintenance → Continuous TM/TC System Construction
Decrepit purification plant adjustment
  • Partial Improvement : Unchanged Process + Partial decrepit facilities improvement
  • Overall Improvement : Unchanged Process + Overall decrepit facilities improvement
  • Reconstruction : changed Process + the existing facilities requidation + reconstruction (Estimation of appropriate capacity with consideration for flow rate)
  • Integrated construction : Integrated construction of neighboring 2 or more purification plant (Integrated construction of purification plant with consideration for operation efficiency
  • Management and Operation System construction : Instrumentation data at ordinary times, monitoring system construction, Management center construction
  • Progress Direction
    • Partial response by local finance limit → Fundamental establishment of countermeasure by comprehensive cause analysis
    • The establishment of more purification plant by high rate of operation → Institution capacity optimization by purification plant Adjustment after Flow Rate Improvement
    • Individual construction without decrepit purification plant → Decrepit purification plant integrated construction after capacity adjustment
    • Replacement by endurance period → Reasonable improvement by facility efficiency evaluation
    • Elementary maintenance → Maintenance operation system Construction by continuous maintenance
Expectation effectiveness
  • Virtuous circulation from vicious circle
    • Reliability improvement by water supply
    • TM/TC System Construction by management system
    • Improvement of health hygiene
  • Connection to water industry cluster
  • Material industry
  • Promoting Enterprise specialized in water
    • Professional manpower training & job creation