• Core Business
  • Water and Soil
  • Support for Water Policies
  • National Waterworks Information Center Operation

Support for Water Policies

  • National Waterworks Information Center Operation
    In order to efficiently manage national water supply facilities and incase disasters provide safe and stable tap water, we have established and operate a national waterworks information center.
Acts as a control tower of the national waterworks business
  • Informations of Integration Management.
    • Water information collection · analysis · Establishment of utilization system
    • Enhanced linkage of information on related organizations and related systems
    • Search for undecided Reports, documents, etc.
  • Support information to Waterworks service provider.
    • Detect on the actual status of waterworks service information
    • Informative support for water service provider
  • Enhancement of Information utilization.
    • Implement GIS-based visualization service
    • Development of comprehensive analysis and forecasting model including water demand, accident and disaster
    • Convert reports, documents etc to digital data
  • Support of IT service operation
    • IT planning, development, operation management Build IT complementary architecture
Main business

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  • Waterworks information management
    • Establishment and operation of information management system of waterworks source: Status of waterworks source protection area, pollutant status, management of water quality management plan of waterworks source
    • Waterworks maintenance basic plan management : Main indicators, electronic file data, basic plan approval data, and giving public data
    • Management of waterworks facilities current Data management: Management of current operating state waterworks facilities nationwide
    • Waterworks facility management: Management of waterworks facilities (waterworks resource plant, water purification plant, water reservoir, pumping station, GIS)
    • Development of computerized asset management and inventory database for water facilities (108 water service providers)
  • Waterworks quality and quantity analysis
    • Analysis and report of legal waterworks quality test result: Management of water quality test result according to "Rules on drinking water quality standards and inspection of drinking water" and "Rules on management of water source"
    • Quantity analysis: real-time water supply and water purification data management (1 hour data, 94 water purification plants)
  • Waterworks statistics management
    • Issuance of guidelines on waterworks statistics, implementation of local government education on statistics, construction and operation of statistical data collection system, and giving public data
  • Establishment and operation of national waterworks information system
    • Establishment and maintenance of computerized infrastructure (HW, SW) to manage waterworks facilities, operational information such as waterworks information, waterworks quality inspection, and waterworks statistics
  • contecting related organization linkage information and support for technology
    • Establish and operate a real-time data collection system for linking waterworks quality data (waterworks quality, flow rate, etc.)
    • Technical support for establishment and operation of waterworks management system and information management for waterworks operators nationwide
  • Expectation effect
    • Government: Establish transparent and scientific capital policy through analysis and forecasting of GIS and Big data base
    • Local governments: Increase the efficiency of administrative work by collecting and providing total information on systematic water works (document management → information management)
    • The people of the nation and related industry: Giving opportunity to create jobs by increasing the utilization of related industry information. and meeting the right of the people to know information through the opening of information related to waterworks