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  • Technology Diagnosis on Waterworks Facilities

Support for Water Policies

  • Reliable tap water, The K-eco is leading the way!
    Diagnosis of water service facilities and technical support for local waterworks are part of the enhancement of water service to improve the water environment., It is the main task of directly supporting the various policies promoted by the government at the facility operation site, As a public institution, the Korea Environment Corporation will do its best for the development of water facilities and the happiness of the people with a sense of mission.
Purpose of Technology Diagnosis and Technical Assistance
  • Problem of the usual water treatment processes, Facility operation Optimization through Minimal investment using deterioration diagnosis.
  • Recover of public trust in tap water
Duty of conduct Technology Diagnosis
Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act Article 74 (Technical Diagnosis on Waterworks)

Every waterworks business operator shall every five years perform the technical diagnosis on the relevant waterworks including filtration plants and waterworks pipe network, etc. under the conditions as prescribed by Ordinance of the Ministry of Environment and develop and implement a plan for improving the waterworks taking into account the result of such technical diagnosis.

Scope of Water Facilities Technical Diagnosis
Scope of Water Facilities Technical Diagnosis list

General technical diagnosis

Professional technical diagnosis

Water purification plant

Q 5,000m3/d below

· Investigation of facilities and peration management status

· Function diagnosis by process and fcility, Analysis of degradation factors

· Functional review of each process

Q 5000m3/d exceed

· All matters of general technical diagnostics

· Comprehensive diagnosis including quantity and quality of water

· Efficient operational management through economic analysis

· Plans to improve water quality and water quality management considering future demand

· Specific facility improvement

(Calculating business priorities and business expenses)



Below the country unit

· District water supply status by Block

· Grading by evaluation index

· Cause Analysis and Improvement for the block determined to be defective

Over city unit

· All matters of general technical diagnostics

· Comprehensive diagnostics for the adequacy, stability, emergency response, such as pressure, quantity and quality through field research

· Specific facility improvement

(Calculating business priorities and business expenses)

Procedures for performing technical diagnosis
  • K-eco
  • prior consultation
  • Survey of basic data and submission of plan of processing
  • Signed technical diagnosis contract
  • implement technical diagnosis and submit diagnosis report
  • optional contract
  • a local goverment water supply ofiice
  • Establish a diagnostic plan
  • Detailed consultation
  • Signed technical diagnosis contract
  • Establish and implement improvement plan
Important information when performing diagnostic technology water treatment plant
  • Intake station - pump
    • pre-chlorine injection control
    • ammonia nitrogen
    • prevent the inflow of algae
    • Prevent air inflow
  • Receiving wall
    • Receiving well function
    • Drug injection
    • problem
    • Measuring instrument
  • Mixing tank
    • flocculant injection
    • flocculant type and reaction
    • Injection rate control
    • Mixing importance
    • Type of blending method
  • Flocculator
    • 플록형성지 기능
    • 형식
    • 속도제어
  • Sedimentation basin
    • sedimentation basin function and type
    • Sedimentation theory
    • Sludge collector
  • Filter paper
    • Composition of Filter material
    • Filtration theory
    • Backwashing theory
    • maintenance
  • 고도(오존+활성탄)
  • Clear well
    • clear well function
    • Disinfection Performance
    • Residual chlorine management
    • maintenance
  • Distributing reservoir
    • distributing reservoir role
    • re-chlorination management