• Core Business
  • Water and Soil
  • Support for Water Policies
  • Support for Water supply

Support for Water Policies

  • Policy Support for Water supply/Sewerage
    We are providing expert technical support for efficient establishment and administration of water policy in a situation where water management policy shifts from supply-oriented to demand-oriented management.
Major business
Technical review for ‘Water Master Plan’
  • Basic direction and vision of master plan.
  • Efficient long-term operation water plan
Technical review for ‘Water Demand Management Plan’
  • Reality of annual goals and Business plan
  • Implementation plans about water saving facilities
Technical review for ‘Water Quality Management’
  • Eficient management as well as total coastal pollutant loads
  • Assignation about waterworks protection area
Technical review for ‘Water Business Plan’
  • Appropriate capacity about waterworks facilities.
  • review for sutiable investment plan and procurement plan

Policy support for Waterworks budget savings and quality improvement
  • Providing manual about Water plan
  • Revising water business guideline
  • Status check of Water operations & management
  • Status check of Waterworks protection area
Water Saving Company(WASCO)
  • Registration certificate management and Performance management
  • Business feasibility review and Performance verification
  • Pilot project for Military unit