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Ethics Charter

Ethics Charter

K-eco is public institution which regards environmental welfare
and the happiness of the public as the best value through the prevention
of environmental pollution, environmental improvement,
and by promoting recirculation and climate change responce.

We will grow as the public institution which can get the respect and reliability from the public by implementing
fair and clean management following the value of ethic. Also we will enhance the publicness and fulfill the social
responsibility through the globaliaztion and sustainable growth of environmental industry.
We, all the employees, promise to pratice the ehtics charter which is the standard of behaviors and value-judgment.

  • 1st.

    We will share the vision and value and maintain the relationship of co-prosperith with all the
    stakeholders as a member of the open-society.

  • 2nd.

    We will lead to prevent the corruuption and enhance transparency with the fair and honest
    attitude in treating the works based on the value of high ethic.

  • 3rd.

    We will be the service provider always thinking and behaving in the customer's perspective,
    and giving the pleasure and the happiness to them.

  • 4th.

    We will respect and consider each employee's character and will be the institution of no
    discrimination through the fair opportunity and evaluation.

  • 5th.

    We will aggressively participate in the public activities as a member of society and contribute to
    the development of regional community and the contry. and lead the hopeful new-world.

  • 6th.

    We will realize the co-existence between labor and management through the trust and

  • 7th.

    We will realize Korea's environmental welfare with the ethical management in the level of global