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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure


The symbol of K-eco is composed of two overlapping circles, with each representing the earth and the sky respectively. It represents the role of K-eco, which is to integrate the environment into one and to efficiently manage it. The symbol is a key element to introduce K-eco, both domestically and internationally.

Symbol / minimum usage rules 10mm
Logo type

The Korean letter and Chinese character logo type have been designed so that they would fit well with the symbol. And on the English logo type, a small leaf was added to the letter 'K'in order to emphasize the environment-friendly image of K-eco. The logo type is also an important element in introducing K-eco, both domestically and internationally. Therefore, it must strictly follow the appointed colors and shapes, and cannot be changed randomly.

Logo type / K-eco / Korea Environment Corporation
Signature / Korea Environment Corporation / K-eco / Korea Environment Corporation / K-eco