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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Overseas Environmental Projects

The Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco), with its accumulated expertise and knowledge of the environmental sector such as climate change, water, waste, etc., in domestic projects, carries out consulting services of environmental technologies to projects in the form of loans and grants of KOICA and EDCF and multilateral development banks (e.g., World Bank, Asia Development Bank, etc.).

Main Roles
  • To develop and carry out overseas environmental projects
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects (in the form of loans and grants)
  • Projects ordered from international organizations and entities
  • To execute and manage overseas projects
  • Environmental systems, policies, feasibility studies and ODA project consultations
  • Project management for water supply facilities, sewers, and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Project management for building environmental quality monitoring systems
  • Dispatch of international project experts
Overseas Projects Implementation Performance for the past 5 years
Category Financial Source Project Title Period Connection to the Major Projects of K-eco
Water Environment KOICA Consulting service for Improvement of water and sanitation in Idiofa, DR Congo (PMC) Dec. 2013-Jun. 2019 Construction of
water and sewage facilities
KOICA Consulting service for the project of a social connection to the water supply network, for the benefit of citizens in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire with a KOICA Grant, 2ND phase (PM) Jul. 2020-Oct. 2022
KOICA Consulting service  for a water supply support project for the Havelian Region in Abbottabad City, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province, Pakistan(PMC) Nov. 2021-Dec. 2026
KOICA The end-of-project evaluation for a total solution for a water shortage in the Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan May 2017-Dec. 2017
WB Second HCMC environmental sanitation project package 2: Construction supervision consultant for D2 sewers Oct. 2017-Apr. 2023
Waste Management KEITI Preliminary feasibility study for a sustainable rehabilitation project at the Bantar Gebang landfill site in Indonesia Jan. 2018-Jul. 2018 Construction of waste to energy facilities
KSP Modernization of the waste management system in Kazakhstan (KSP) Sep. 2016-Jun. 2017 Support for waste management policies
WB Sustainable solid waste management strategies
for the mountainous regions of Pakistan, India and Nepal
Dec. 2018-Jan. 2020
Climate and
EDCF Feasibility study on the central Laboratory of Environmental monitoring in Mongolia. May 2019-Sep. 2020 Ambient Air quality monitoring
KEITI Masterplan of the ambient air quality improvement in Monogolia May 2020-Jul. 2021
KOICA Building the Pan-Asia Partnership for Geospatial Air Pollution information Dec. 2021-Dec. 2023