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Management Disclosure

What is Information Disclosure System?

Information disclosure system is an act to ensure the people's right and to secure their participation to protect the right and the benefit, in the end to realize the true democracy by either prescribing the information asked from the public in the form of reading/copy/duplication or spontaneously(or by the law) disclosing the information which is preserved obligatorily by the public institution.

Applicants (All the applicants who have the right to request the information disclosure are as below.)

Every people

In case of the person under the middle school age, they can request through their representative, and in case of high school age and above, they can have the right to request themselves in the boundary of understandable purpose and the contents if affordable.

Corporation and Organization

Corporation is an entity of social interactions and has appropriate social value so it is allowed to have the claim for information disclosure


Foreigners who reside in a certain place or temporarily stay for the purpose of study, or the corporation(organization) which has an office in domestic area