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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

K-eco customer Service Charter / We, all of K-eco employees follow the below by providing the specialized environmental service of the highest level, with the mission of enhancing the customer reliability. / 1st. We will think of customers as the first priority, and will provide customer-centered service. / 2nd. We will enhance the expertise to provide the world-best environmental technology and service. / 3rd. We will be the institution with high customer reliability by treating all the works accurately and fairly from the customer's point of view. / 4th. We will treat the requested work timely at the viewpoint of the customer. / 5th. We will aggressively collect the voices from the customer and reflect them to the service iimprovement activities. / 6th. We, as a specialized institution in the field of environment, will do social responsibility activities for leading environmental improvement and preservation. / 7th. We will fix the unfavourable service immediately and make an appropriate compensation if needed. / To realize all above, we promise to make service practice standards based on the customer-value and fulfill them with sincerity. / Korea Environment Corporation