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Management Disclosure

Claim of Information Disclosure

  • Any person who intends to make a request information disclosure (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant") may submit the "Information Disclosure Request" to the public institution subject to a certain information.
  • The name , ID card number and address(in case of corporations, the name of the corporation and the name of the representative, in case of foreigners, the passport No. and foreigner registration No.), the contents of the information requested, the purpose of use and the way of disclosure.
  • The "Information Disclosure Request" can be submitted "in person" or by "mailing" or "computer system".
  • In case 2 and more people jointly request, there must be one-person representative for all and the representative should request.

The Decision Making of Information Disclosure

The Public institution is supposed to decide whether they will make a disclosure or not, within 10 days after the day of request(if not, 10-days extension is possible).
Reference from the "the 3rd person"

If the requested information is related to the 3rd person, the fact of disclosure request must be notified to the 3rd directly, and if needed, should listen to the opinion from the 3rd person.

Reference from the Information Institution

If the information requested is that of another institution, the entity should listen to that institution and reflect the opinion to decision-making for information disclosure.

The Request of Non-Disclosure from the 3rd person

The 3rd person who is notified the fact of disclosure request and if he or she has an opinion to raise, may request the "non-disclosure" to the subject institution within 3 days after the day of notification.

Information Disclosure Deliberation

The public institution arranges the information disclosure deliberation committee and operates to deliberate the decision for information disclosure.

Matters to be Deliberated

The matters which the representative of the institution may not decide themselves for the disclosure or the matters regarding the way of operation of information disclosure system.

The Notification of Disclosure Decision-Making

The public institution notifies "immediately", "in a written form" to the applicant, if the decision of the disclosure has been made.
The Notification for Information Disclosure

The clear statement for the date of disclosure, place, and the amount of fee and the way of payment and so on should be confirmed and the notification for the disclosure within 10 days after the day of decision should be made.

The Notification for information Non-Disclosure

The public institution notifies "immediately" "in a written form" to the applicant when the decision is made as non-disclosure. In this case, the reason of non-disclosure, method & procedure of objection should be stated clearly.