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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Pilot projects have been implemented to apply Green Growth principles at the national level. The SINGG Secretariat(K eco) with KME and UN ESCAP reviewed the proposals for pilot projects submitted by member countries and selected the best proposals for applying the concept of Green Growth.
An expert consultation committee meeting was held for the implementation of selected pilot projects, and experts provided advice on future directions of implementation, policy, and technical issues.

Central or local governments within selected member countries conducted the pilot projects in cooperation with UN ESCAP, KME and K eco.

Flow Map
MEMBER COUNTRY: Designing the Pilot Project -> Application -> UNESCAP KME, K eco: Reviewing the Proposal -> Approval -> MEMBER COUNTRY: Implementing the Pilot Project -> Submit -> UNESCAP. KME, K eco: Assessment -> Dissemination -> MEMBER COUNTRY: Feedback