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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

History of the SINGG Secretariat


Korea Environment Institute(KEI)


Korea Environment Corporation (K eco, ex-ENVICO) In the first meeting of the SINGG in November.
2005, the Korea Environment Institute(KEI) was designated as the Secretariat of the SINGG and had successfully completed its work until the First Policy Consultation Forum of Seoul Initiative on Green Growth was held in Seoul in September, 2006.
Since Korea Environment Corporation(hereinafter K eco) was nominated as the hosting organization for the Second Policy Consultation Forum which was convened in Bangkok, Thailand in September, 2007, K eco has thereafter implemented the work of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth.
In the Second meeting of the SINGG in November, 2008, K eco was officially designated as the Secretariat of the SINGG.

Korea Environment Corporation(K eco)

K eco was established on January 1st, 2010 by integrating the Korea Environment & Resources Corporation(ENVICO) and the Environment Management Corporation(EMC) to centeral agency for the Green Growth of Korea by covering the entire fields of the environment including the ambient air, soils, resource recirculation, and the environment industry.
In addition to the aforementtioned work, K eco has

  • Climate change response and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Water environment improvement
  • Establishment of circulation-based resources management system
  • Environmental public health service
  • Policies and the environment industry support