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"Guide to the Separate Discharge Mark System" detailed page

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Guide to the Separate Discharge Mark System

  • write_date2023-03-20
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Guide to the separate discharge Mark
system with the Korea environment
Corporation the separate discharge Mark
system refers to system for the easy
separation and dischargeable packages
subject to mandatory recycling raising
the separation collection rate of result
label waste and partial rating producers
to meet mandatory recycling requirement
packages subject to the separate
discharge marker paper packs metal cans
glass bottles and packages made of
synthetic materials used for product
such as food and beverages
Agriculture and livestock product
Pharmaceuticals and Cosi drugs in
particular old packages is made of
Center in resin materials are subject to
the separated discharge Mark regardless
of which products they pack
products that are not packages are not
subject to the separate discharge marker
system typical products are plastic toys
tumblers and plastic containers
products of themselves on that project
to the separated discharge Mark other
packages may be subject to the separate
discharge Mark depending on the package
materials toys tumblers and plastic
containers are not subject to the
separated discharge Mark if sold as a
paper is also not subject to the
separate discharge Mark examples include
boxes made of a single layer of paper
tubes made of paper and single side
colored paper
if producers autonomously won't play
Separate discharge marks on their
packages which are not subject to the
separated discharge Mark they must
submit an application for the
designation of the separated discharge
Mark to the Korean environment
Corporation under the ministry of
environment and obtain a problem from
the cooperation for the separateddistance mark
when displaying a separate distance Mark
the markers should be easily identified
by printing engraving or labeling and
being missed a millimeter and links and
Mark Thai layered packages with multiple
separate parts should have a separate
discharge Mark for each part of the
some of the difficult separated
discharge Market designs are as follows
usable synthetic blessing containers
issues use the plastic Mark design
synthetic Legend film and Sheet type
packages should use the vinyl Mark
the can Mark design is only for steering
aluminum materials
the glass marker design is for glass
bottles and paper packs are divided into
General pack and sterilize the pack
markers depending on the materials used
the separated dischargement Mark can be
downloaded from the website of the Korea
environment Corporation order is candid
produce a responsibility scheme
the other Mac design is for plastic and
vinyl packets and materials as well as
the synthetic regression materials that
do not belong to pad
ldpe PS or PPA or composite material
that contain two or more sincere Nations
or material containing glyco modified
pet edgy Etc
The Cutting and lamination
Etc Mark was newly added through an
amendment and has been enforce it since
January 2022.
this Market design is used when other
materials are attaches paper packs
poorly styling PSP pet bottles or others
in Saturn glass in containers or threads
using cutting or elimination methods
that do not allow separation
typical examples are containers made of
tube material in which since airing
lesson and aluminum are combined
hyperplexing with the weight of the
stoppers and miscellaneous components
exist 10 percent of the total weight and
a special level cosmetic containers in
which matter is on sheet
for containers in which the surface area
00ge in materials are technically
the vehicles Mark in terms of material
structure Exempted from the stms
in addition for more tile layer packages
with the parts that belong to numbers 1
2 and 3. the material for the parts can
be collectively indicated based on an
important part
the separate discharge Collective
markely parts to displaying the
separated discharge Mark based on a maze
complaint of multi-layer Packages
Etc and loosening the materials of other
components at the top bottom left and
right adjacent to the mark collectively
form a Thai layer packages that cannot
be separated the separated discharge
Mark can be displayed in one place of
the main part and for more tight layer
packages with paper and since adding
less materials the collectible Mark can
be displayed on the packages made of
paper material without an additional
designation of bubble process
we ask for your partish patient using
the correct stms and important
separation and dischargeable recyclable
the Korea environment Corporation
1.the surface area of each package is less than the following size
- (for containers and trays) 50cm^2
- (for films and sheets) 100cm^2
2. packages whaose content volume is less than 30mL or 30g
3. packages that cannot be marked using printing, engraving, or labeling due to t he limitation of material or structure
4. Foilms and sheet-type packages that do not display any marks, such as printing, engraving, or labeling on the surface
5. wrap film (wrap film-type packages with a thickness of fewer than 20 micrometers
6. packages directly returned, collected, and discharged by obligatory producers without going through general consumers, such as after-sales service (a/s) parts, etc. [image text] packages subject to the SDMS
package types
paper pack
metal cans
glass bottles
(except for products included in the container deposit scheme)
Packages made of synthetic resin
Items subject to packageging
Foods and beverages
Agricultural, fishery, and livestock products
Cosmetics, shampoo, and rinse for pets
Medicines and quasi-drugs
Butane gas products
insecticide and bactericide
Sanitary paper products
Rubber gloves
Antifreeze, brake fluid, and lubricating oil
(limited to packages made of synthetic resin)
Products other than the above items
(limited to packages made of synthetic resin)
products themselves that are not subject to the separate discharge mark
plastic toys
plastic containers
paper is not subject to a separate discharge mark
paper boxes
tubes made of paper
single-side paper coating
designation approval of separate discharge marks
producers abligated to recycle
k-eco Korea environment corporation
submission of the application for designation
where to submit: regional environment headquarters
within 10 days after submission Designation for approval distributed after review
reference date : reference date
marking method : printed,engraved, or labeled
mark size : atleast 8mm in width and height
mark color : (excluding text for marked materials)
mark location : colors that contrast with the overall color of the product and packaging
multi-layer package : front or side of the product and package or up, down, left, or right side of the barcode marked on each separated part or package
플라스틱 At least 8mm separate discharge mark design for
download designs from:
the website of the korea environment corporation ( )
the website of the extended producer responsibility scheme ( )
other pet,ps,hdpe,ldpe,pp
what are coating and lamination?
paper packs, polystyrene(PSP), pet bottles, other synthetic resin containers or trays(except foamed synthetic resin packages)
other materials mixed or attached using coating or lamination methods so that the separation cannot occur
examples of coating and lamination
plastic(the weight of stoppers and other miscellaneous components exceeding 10% of the total weight
the "paper" design can be marked without a separate designation approval procedure if the external package is made of paper.
we ask for your participation using the correct sdms effort to separate and discharge recyclable waste.

We ask for your participation using the correct SDMS and effort to separate and discharge recyclable waste.#한국환경공단 #분리배출표시제도 #분리배출 #플라스틱 #지정승인 #종이팩 #도포첩합 #재활용 #separate discharge mark

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