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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Ecological Restoration for the Riparian Area

Describes a set of activities that help improve the environmental health of a river or stream.

Causes of poor environmental health : urbanization, channelization, construction with artificial materials and so on.

Launched by the name of 'Eco-Stream Restoration Projects' by Ministry of Environment from the year of 2002.
Subdivided into 'several specialized projects' for some specific objectives according to characteristics of streams.
What are several specialized projects?
  • Eco-Stream Restoration Projects
  • Urban Stream Restoration projects
  • Flagship Species Restoration Project
  • Fish-way Construction Projects
Eco-Stream Restoration Projects (3 images) Urban Stream Restoration Projects (3 images) Flagship Species Restoration Project (1 images) Fish-way placement projcets (1 images) 1 Company to 1 Stream Campaign (1 images)