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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Purpose of Operation

The number of complaints relating to noise/vibration have increased in recent years due to a higher standard of living,
in turn fostering a greater desire for noise reduction.
To gain a better understanding of the noise levels in each region of the country and to obtain reliable quantitative data
to be used for policy development relating to noise reduction.

Related Laws

Noise And Vibration Control Act Article 3 (Regular Measurement)
  • In order to grasp the actual situation of noise and vibration throughout the country, the Minister of Environment shall install measuring networks and make regular measurements.
Enforcement Decree Of Noise And Vibration Control Act Article 14 (Entrustment of Business Affairs)
  • The Minister of Environment shall entrust the following business affairs to the Korea Environment Corporation, in accordance with Article 54 (2) of the Act.
  • 1. Installation of measuring networks of noise and vibration and making regular measurements thereof under Article 3 (1) of the Act.

Project Updates

  • Dec. 2006: Finished building a network of environmental noise monitoring devices in 17 locations within 5 cities including Seoul
  • Dec. 2007: Finished building a network of environmental noise monitoring devices in 45 locations within 10 cities including Seoul
  • Dec. 2008: Created a website relaying information about the National Noise Information System
  • Feb. 2009: Revised the Enforcement Decree of Noise and Vibration Control Act (Article 14 Entrustment of Business Affairs) to transfer the duties from the regional Environmental Management Offices to K-eco
  • Dec. 2010: Expanded the network of managed devices to 826 locations
  • Jan. 2011: Transferred network operations and management to regional headquarters
  • Dec. 2016: Revised the frequency of measurement and locations of the environmental noise manual network
  • May 2019: Changed the frequency of manual measurement from every 6 months to every 3 months in accordance with the Integrated Operation Guidelines for Management of Noise and Vibration Monitoring Network
  • Jan. 2023: Installed 145 IoT environmental noise monitoring devices to expand the network; now managing a network of 963 locations.

Operation status of the noise and vibration monitoring network

Analysis of the monitoring data
Automatic Manual
Environmental Noise Aircraft Noise Environmental noise(monitoring with IoT devices) Environmental Noise Railroad Noise Road Vibration
18 Cities
(81 locations)
14 Airports
(90 locations)
1 City
(145 locations)
13 Cities
(560 locations)
5 Railroad Network
(41 locations)
8 Cities
(46 locations)
Measuring Cycle Constant
(A quarterly report)
Quarterly Semi annually Semi annually
Number of measurements 6 measurements per location for 5 minutes 3 measurements per 1 hour per location 3 measurements per location for 5 minutes