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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Close to Nature, Close to People Leading global environmental Corporation in the net-zero era / Key Value, Managemen Policy,: Key Value(Trust, Practical, Safety, Fairness), Management Policy(Value, Field, People, Innovation) / Integrity. Ethics, and Human Rights Business Philosophy: The preciousness of existence shines through ethical values and is upheld by integrity of behavior / Ethical Management Objectives: Enhancing public trust by creating a culture of sustainable ethical management Ethical / Direction: 1. Establishing ethics(• Strengthening institutional ethics leadership, • Spread and internalize employee ethics empathy), 2. Establish a chain of command(• Strengthening the organization to promote ethical management, • Anti-Corruption and CP Management System), 3. Identifying ethical risks(• Minimizing ethical risk blind spots, •Systematically assess ethical risk), 4. Ethical Risk Control Activities(• Design and implement customized controls by ethical risk, • Identify K-eco compliance and ethics programs), 5. Communicating ethical information(• Enable internal and external communication, • Enhance whistleblower and external oversight systems), 6. Monitoring ethical management(• Conduct objective, independent monitoring, • Strengthen monitoring follow-up) Ethical management ractice System: Ethical management Brand(• Malgeun Nuri), Dedicated organization(• Ethical Management Office, Inspection Department, •Integrity and Ethics Committee, Integrity and Ethics Executive Committee), Practice(• Ethics Charter, Code of Ethical Management Practices, Code of Conduct for Employees, Business Integrity Contract Operating Regulations, etc.)