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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Ethics Charter

In order to make a new history as a leading environmental management organization trusted by the public with pride

based on its founding philosophy, K-eco gathers the resolve of its employees to revise the Charter of Ethics as a

standard for proper behavior and value judgment and pledges to implement it as follows.

One, we will contribute to environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable development of Korea and respond to the expectations and demands of the people through the effective operation of greenhouse gas reduction programs to prevent environmental pollution, improve the environment, facilitate resource recycling and respond to climate change.

One, We are committed to fulfilling our mission and social responsibilities, including human rights, labor, and community development.

One, We respect our customers and provide the best services to meet their needs through active communication.

One, We respect the individuality of our employees and stakeholders, do not discriminate against them, provide them with equal opportunities and fair evaluations, and strive to improve the quality of their safe and healthy lives.

One, we build a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and harmony with the pride that both labor and management are the owners of K-eco.

One, we promise to create an organizational culture of communication and integrity and to strictly comply with the Code of Conduct for Employees.