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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Medical Waste Containers

Quality Inspection on Medical Waste Containers

Medical waste which may cause harm to the environment and humans such as secondary infection or epidemics must be collected and transported in certified containers. K-eco evaluates the quality(design type, performance etc.) of the containers for medical waste to manage it appropriately.

※ Who wants to manufacture containers for medical waste must register to the Environment Office, satisfying the requirements on facilities, equipment and others.

Test & Inspection Procedure

1. Orders from container manufacturer in hospitals and clinic etc / 2. Container manufacturer registers as a manufacturer with the regional environmental office / 3. Confirmation of the container manufacturer's facility at the regional environmental office / 4. Issuance of a certificate to the container manufacturer by the regional environmental office / 5. Container Manufacturer to Inspection by Inspection Agency (K-eco) / 6. Inspection Agency (K-eco) to Result by Container Manufacturer / 7. Container Manufacturer by Sale to Hospital, Clinic, etc / 8. Container Manufacturer to Report production & sales record by Regional Environment ofc.

Test & Inspection Method

Falling strength Test: An experiment in which three boxes filled with sand are stacked and pushed against a concrete floor with force / Leak resistance test: Sealed water leak test / Dropping strength Test: An experiment in which a box filled with sand is dropped from a height of 85 m onto a concrete floor. / Stacking strength Test: A test to see how long a box can hold by stacking boxes with sand in it